Why we exist

Here at FBS our signature starts with our customisable pieces and bespoke gem details, but it doesn't stop there. FBS was founded out of a want to encourage creativity and freedom of expression. In the fast-paced World we live in, taking time to connect to your Self is needed even more, and we invite you to do so in a safe and comfortable way.

Enquiring after a unique item and / or booking time in with our Artistic Director Samanthi, you will begin a journey into the jewellery making process and delve deeper into your unique individuality. It's a process we hope opens up your imagination and empowers you to discover more about yourself after all, 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~ Albert Einstein.

Start your creative journey with us today.


Our product aesthetic is designed to last the test of time.

Samanthi has taken inspiration from childhood memories and vintage jewellery mechanisms to create her contemporary chic luxury gold hardware collection, REMINISCE. Linear architectural facets have been streamlined to create this striking 18K gold collection offered in Yellow, White and Rose Gold. Designed for everyday wear.

The dazzling STARGAZE COLLECTION, a cocktail chic assortment, is designed for the ones who love colours. The generously large solitaire gems and colour play creations of jewellery, presents in it's uplifting nature, supported by these beautifully structured frames that holds them on a pedestal, sparkled by light. These gorgeous gems have been collected from all over the world, sorted and calibrated for quality in Sri Lanka. These are then, especially hand cut to design by skilled artisans in Sri Lanka to create our unique Stargaze gems.

Our Gems

Our goal is to provide a reliable source to buy jewellery with coloured gem stones. By purchasing a product from Faved by Samanthi, you can be assured that we guarantee our gems are not synthetic. Our gems are all natural therefore each gem will have its own unique colour due to natural growth and development occurrences. Most gemstones in the market are treated with trade accepted methods, although they are of natural origin. 

Our Stargaze collection boasts an array of gems that are cut to precious standards. From sourcing, to cutting the gems, to manufacture, we follow industry standards and fair pricing for a small batch production.

Our precious Jewel purchases will be guaranteed with a reputed lab certification. We only source natural unheated gems for our precious offerings.

Our Sustainable Efforts

We are a conscious creator of timeless pieces, producing only what is truly essential. Embracing the principles of slow fashion, we prioritise quality over quantity and craft each piece with purpose and care. By creating thoughtfully and intentionally, we strive to minimise waste and reduce our environmental impact, ensuring that every design is not just a beautiful accessory, but a sustainable choice for our conscious clients.

We are resourceful when is comes to our packaging. All our packaging: boxes, tags, printing, innovative coating techniques has been developed with biodegradable solutions. Mailers are reused or up cycled products that we have received from third parties to reduce the global carbon foot print. If they are not perfectly matched, it is due to using what is available at the time.

Our ongoing sustainable efforts will be shared, as we keep meeting new milestones. Stay tuned!